We value...

We value the trust that is given to us by students, their teachers and their parents. We repay that trust by delivering the best commercial dance courses in the UK. But, we do more than that. We care very much about our students and alumni and do whatever we can to help them develop their careers.

Our core values extend beyond trust and care…

These core values of trust and care shape the way our teachers teach, the way our students learn and how our dance college is perceived in the wider commercial dance community.

Other values that we hold dear include:

  • Honesty
    It’s imperative that honesty drives all communications between teachers and students.
  • Discipline
    Without discipline and commitment, little is achieved. Discipline is a key ingredient for achieving success.
  • Respect
    Mutually respectful relationships between students and teachers create a healthy, fear-free environment.
  • Love
    We all love what we do. Without a love for commercial dance, you won’t make it.

Make your move!

If you’d like to have a chat with Angela, our Course Director, before you apply for one of our commercial dance courses, she’d love to hear from you on 0207 118 1818.