Commercial Dance Courses

Commercial Dance Courses
Take a look at our world-class commercial dance courses. You could be training at the No.1 commercial dance college in the UK in no time.

Our commercial dance courses include:

  • Commercial Dance Diploma – £8,480 (Full Time)
    The Commercial Dance Diploma is the only commercial dance diploma in the UK. Designed specifically for aspiring commercial dancers, it’s a full-time course like no other. The Diploma can include over 750 hours of world-class dance training by professional commercial dance teachers. This course can be taken over 1 or 2 years and is open to everyone from 16 years of age and upwards.
    Funding your Diploma? Fund your Diploma at Dance College with our easy payment plan.
  • Commercial Dance Intensive – £2,980 (Full Time)
    If you are looking to specialise in commercial dance  and want a fast track in to the professional dance industry. This is the course for you. The one term intensive full-time commercial dance training, is designed for students who have already had previous dance training. Our one term Commercial Dance Intensive Course gives you 260 hours of the world class commercial dance training as well as amazing lectures & workshops.

We also provide training over the weekend – perfect if you are working during the week!

  • Commercial Dance Certificate – £240
    Alternatively, the Commercial Dance Certificate is taught on Sundays so it’s perfect if you are working. The Certificate includes 16 hours of world-class dance training on Sundays.
  • Commercial Dance Pre-Vocational – £128 (Per Term)
    It is the preferred choice for the next generation of commercial dancers. The Pre-Vocational School includes 36 weeks of world-class dance training a year.

Aside from our commercial dance courses that lead to dance qualifications, we also provide weekend dance classes.

Ready to master your moves?
If you’d like to talk with Angela, our Course Director, about which commercial dance course is most suitable for you, or you’d like to talk about funding for the Commercial Dance Diploma, please get in touch on 0207 118 1818.

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