Cerys Williams

Cerys Williams was one of our most diligent and hardworking students, excelling in Ballet and Jazz, whilst having a real love and talent for all the dance styles that we teach.

Since graduation

Cerys has gone on to enjoy a very successful career that has involved winning the World and European Line Dance Championships. She has also performed in Out of Darkness, Tea at the Ritz and Nutcracker.

What Cerys says

“I truly flourished thanks to the unrelenting enthusiasm and encouragement of all the teachers.

They nurtured further talents out of me and developed my confidence to perform.

Since leaving, I have gone on to dance in various contracts across the UK and several countries throughout Central America and Mexico.

Thank you all so much x”


Make your move!

If Cerys has motivated you to live your dreams and you’d like to have a chat with the lovely Angela, our Course Director, before you apply for one of our commercial dance courses, she’d love to hear from you on 0207 118 1818.

Next Step?