Kamilah Beckles

Hi. I’m Kamilah and I teach a range of dance styles.


I care a great deal about nurturing our talented students. I also care about choreographing dances that are both fun and stylish. Helping students master a new move and watching them succeed is something I really enjoy.


I’m a professional commercial dancer and choreographer in addition to being a teacher. I’ve worked on a range of shows including Thriller Live (original cast), Brit Awards, and X Factor. I’ve also performed alongside stars such as Rihanna, Seal, Will Young, Ed Sheeran and Coldplay.


I love our commercial dance courses because of the sheer diversity of dance styles involved. I also love choreographing new dances and teaching our students the various elements that make up those dances. What I love most of all is seeing our students master a new dance move; it can be quite emotional watching students flourish!

Make your move!

If you’d like have a little chat with Angela, our Course Director, before you apply for one of our commercial dance courses, she’d be delighted to hear from you on 0207 118 1818.

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