We believe...

We believe in individuals. We believe in hard work. We believe in passion. We believe in people that believe in themselves. When you believe in yourself…when you are supported…you can achieve the impossible.

Not everyone wants to be a triple-threat generalist…

We specialise in teaching commercial dance. We don’t believe that the triple-threat generalist approach is wise for many students. There are plenty of generalist colleges in the UK where you can learn about dancing, acting and singing, but we specialise in commercial dance.

We believe in specialists

We believe that specialising is the way to go, as this focuses and hones your talents. If you want to be a great commercial dancer, and if we believe in you enough to offer you a place on one of our commercial dance courses, rest assured we’ll take care of every aspect of your commercial dance training.

Make your move!

If you fancy a chat with Angela (our Course Director), before you apply for one of our commercial dance courses, she’d love to hear from you on 0207 118 1818.

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