Street Dance is a general term that describes a variety of dance styles. Its origin can be traced back to the early 19th century as it is heavily influenced by Folk, Tap, and Jazz Dance moves. The cultural significance of Street Dance is that it is derived from, and championed by, everyday people and communities ‘in the street’, as opposed to being crafted in a dance studio environment.

Why do we teach Street Dance?

Street Dance covers a range of dance styles that include:

  • B-Boying
    B-Boying includes moves like the Indian Step, Backspin and the Chair Freeze.
  • Hip Hop
    Hip Hop dance moves include the Robocop, Roger Rabbit and the Janet.
  • House
    House Dance moves include the Crossroads, Pas de Bourrée and Jack in a Box.
  • Krumping
    Krumping incorporates Arm Swings, Chest Pops and Stomps.
  • Locking
    Locking moves include the Cartoon Head Turn, Scoo B Doo and Skeeter Rabbit.
  • Popping
    Popping includes moves such as the Walk Out, Fresno and Neck O’Flex.

Street Dance is comprehensively covered in our courses

Street Dance styles are often used in commercials, dance videos, and in film, which is why we cover a comprehensive range of styles in our commercial dance courses. Every commercial dancer needs to know Street Dance.

Street Dance moves

As Street Dance is a term that encompasses a range of different dance styles, there are many moves that fall under Street. We are the only specialist commercial dance college in the UK that covers a comprehensive range of Street Dance styles in our commercial dance courses.

Make your move!

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