Krumping is a dance style that was derived from Clowning. Whilst Clowning was initially created as a dance to entertain children, Krumping evolved into a popular Street Dance. Isolating body parts so that one body part is rigid, whilst the other is Swinging, Stomping, or Popping, is a key component of Krumping.

Why do we teach Krumping?

Krumping is one of the cornerstones of Street Dance and, as such, it’s a staple for the professional commercial dancer. Improving your understanding of Krumping, and the differences between it and Popping and Locking,is important as it creates an entirely different feel.

Krumping dance moves

Krumping dance moves are intense, fast-paced, and sharp.

Some of the main moves in Krumping include:

  • Arm Swings
    Arm Swings are typically aggressive but controlled. They are executed in a quick and punchy style.
  • Chest Pop
    The Chest Pop is accentuated by isolating the head, legs, and arms. Rolling and popping the chest out gives the impression of moving forward whilst standing still.
  • Stomps
    Stomps are one of the core elements of Krumping. Whether you’re executing the Lift Stomp, Kick Stomp, or Slide Stomp, each involves leg movements that end with a Stomp.

Make your move!

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