Hiya. My name is Grace and I’m one of the contemporary dance teachers here at Dance College London.

I care about ensuring that our students master the natural and free-flowing form that characterizes contemporary dance. It is the most beautiful and elegant of dance styles in my view and as its derived from both ballet and jazz, it’s a natural step for many.

I’ve danced for as long as my memory exists. Ballet and Irish dance were the first dance styles I learnt back when I was just four years old. Since then I’ve evolved into a professional dancer, choreographer, writer and teacher. I’ve travelled the world with a number of dance companies, performing in productions in Switzerland, Russia and Australia, as well as the UK and Ireland.

I love contemporary dance and how it is integrated into the commercial dance courses that we offer here at Dance College London. I love teaching contemporary dance too and seeing how students with experience in various other dance styles adopt the natural and free-flowing ethos of contemporary – I think this helps them master their preferred dance styles and some of them may in turn come to love contemporary dance, as I do.

Make your move!
If you’d love to learn contemporary dance from Grace and you love commercial dance, please get in touch with Angela, our course director, on 0207 118 1818.

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