Weekend Dance Classes

Weekend Dance Classes for Beginners and for Stars of the Future!

Weekend dance classes are open to everyone from the age of 13 years and upwards. Our weekend dance classes are great fun and open to people of all abilities, sizes, and heights. If you’re doing nothing next weekend, come along to our dance classes – you’ll have fun!!

Why our weekend dance classes?

Our weekend dance classes are great for getting fit and meeting new people in a relaxed and fun environment. But, you’ll also be getting trained by some of the best commercial dancers in the business. Pro commercial dancers like Leroy Dias Dos Santos of Flawless for example.


Photo: Leroy Dias Dos Santos

Weekend Dance Classes

Our weekend dance classes are held on:

  • Day: Saturday
  • Time: Call for details
  • Fees: £10 per class

These weekend dance classes are perfect for gaining an insight into the world of commercial dance. As they are drop-in dance classes, you can come and go as you please.

Want more advance weekend dance classes?

We also hold our Commercial Dance Certificate on Saturdays. This commercial dance course will give you 8 weeks of intensive commercial dance training where you’ll learn a range of commercial dance moves. So if you want to improve your Pliés, Indian Step, Bogle, Robocop, Jack in a Box, Split Leap, Stomps, Skeeter Rabbit, Fresno or Waacks, our Commercial Dance Certificate could be just perfect.

Commercial Dance Certificate
Our Commercial Dance Certificate is held on:

  • Day: Sundays
  • Time: 10:00 – 12:00
  • Location: Danceworks Mayfair
  • Fees: £240
  • Date: Next course starts 24 February 2019!

Whether you just want to have some fun in our dance classes or you’d like to develop your passion and become a professional commercial dancer, we’ve got the commercial dance classes or the commercial dance courses for you.

Make your move!

If you’d like to talk with Angela, our Course Director, about our dance classes or our dance courses, please get in touch on 0207 118 1818.