Emily Rose Creasey

Emily Rose Creasey loved her time with us, and excelled in Contemporary and Jazz.

Since graduation

Emily has featured in a range of music videos, TV commercials and films since graduation. She has performed around the world and is loving life as a professional commercial dancer.

What Emily says

“I furthered my training at Dance College London in the Commercial jazz course. I took so much from this year. I had the opportunity to work with a variety of some of the best teachers. Teachers who were able to give knowledge of their careers and there experiences in the field. It’s also nice to work with working performers during master classes.
It didn’t feel like I was at school all the time. It felt more like a family.  It was nice to receive the close attention because our classes weren’t filled with a hundred dancers.
While I was at college I was lucky enough to work towards 2 shows in London Theaters. This gave me great experience on stage.

I had a great time at Dance College London . I learnt so much. I would recommend it to anyone. Nick and Angela were great head teachers. Their door was always open to talk and they were very encouraging with everyone. They made us all feel like we were part of a family while we trained at their school.”


Make your move!

If Emily has got you motivated to have a chat with the lovely Angela, our Course Director, before you apply for one of our commercial dance courses, she’d love to hear from you on 0207 118 1818.

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