Hi there. I’m Nina Monteiro and I’m very happy to be a dance teacher here at Dance College London.

I care about the physical, psychological and emotional development of our students. Whilst I care a great deal about training and teaching our students a range of dance styles, I care most about developing their self-confidence, esteem and belief that they can be great dancers and can do anything that they want with their lives.

I’ve worked very hard and as a result I’ve performed across Europe, in Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. I worked at Grupo Cultural de Dança for ten years and then I moved to the Theater Nordhausen Ballett in Germany. I have performed in many ballet productions over the years and I have taught ballet to many students too.

I fell in love with ballet at the age of 6. I’ve been a passionate ballet dancer and ballet teacher ever since. I love teaching students’ ballet. Ballet is the absolutely joy of my life and seeing students master this wonderful dance style is a delight.

Make your move!
If you love the idea of learning ballet from Nina on one of our commercial dance courses, please get in touch with Angela, our course director, on 0207 118 1818.

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