We love teaching...

We love teaching all aspects of commercial dance. It’s what we do best and what many of us have been doing since the 1980s, back when Breakdancing was relatively new on the scene.

Rip it up!!!

Teaching our students Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Locking, and Street, and watching them rip it up, is just the coolest thing ever. The diversity of dance styles we offer makes for fun-packed dance classes, and we look forward to helping you master them all.

Want to learn Contemporary, Waacking and Krumping?

If you want to learn commercial dance, we are experts. From Contemporary to Waacking, and from Krumping to Jazz, we are experts in all dance styles. And, when we’re not teaching, you’ll find some of us performing on the West End and on TV in commercials for Adidas, Ford, and Nike.

Make your move!

If you’d like to find out more about our teaching style please contact our Course Director, Angela, on 0207 118 1818; she’ll be happy to discuss any questions you might have.

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