Jazz is a style of dance that is influenced by a range of other dance styles, such as Ballet and Tap dancing. Jazz dancing is heavily influenced by African and European dances, and is characterized by its lively and fun style. Jazz dancing is sometimes referred to as show dancing, as it’s often used in musicals.

Why do we teach Jazz?

Jazz is an important aspect to the commercial dancer’s repertoire, as it is extensively used in musicals and commercial productions. Understanding and mastering Jazz moves also helps students develop their Ballet skills and vice versa.

Jazz Dance moves

Jazz Dance moves are lively and fun with lots of jumping, bouncing, and kicking.

Some of the moves in Jazz dancing include:

  • Ball Change Cross
    The Ball Change Cross is a simple but classical Jazz move. Arms are lifted, starting on the ball of your foot, you cross your legs to finish.
  • Passé
    The Passé is a Ballet-inspired move. It starts with arms out parallel with left or right leg raised, so that the big toe touches the knee. The Passé can be completed in parallel or turned out versions.
  • Split Leap
    The Split Leap is a more advanced jump that is also derived from Ballet. The step involves doing the splits as you leap forward.

Make your move!

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