Kris Beresford Readings

Kris Beresford Readings was a joy to teach as he loved all the dance styles we teach.

Since graduation

Kris has been very busy since graduating and is developing a great career. Some of his credits include working as a professional dancer with Hotel Chocolat on advertising campaigns, featuring in a film called Hero and he’s also choreographed and danced at Bristol Pride for many years.

What Kris says

“Training at Dance College London gave me so many things.

The outstanding teachers coached and mentored me with such attention to detail, that I really pushed myself to achieve what I needed in order to survive and succeed in today’s industry.

Being surrounded by leading industry professionals, with their vast knowledge and experience meant I graduated with all the tools and positive attitude that money can’t buy.

It truly shaped me as a person and as a performer. Discipline, dedication and passion is key.”


Make your move!

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