Waacking is a dance style that was created in dance clubs on the west coast of the USA in the 1970s. Waacking is characterized by a focus on arm movements, creating shapes and poses above and around the head in a fast-moving style. Waacking is often danced to disco music.

Why we teach Waacking!

Waacking remains one of our most popular dance styles with both students and choreographers. It’s therefore an important dance style that all commercial dancers need to know and master.

Waacking moves

Waacking incorporates wild but controlled moves that follow the beat. Arm movements up and around the head, in time with a disco or funk beat, characterize Waacking. It has a strong emphasis on musicality, as arm movements follow the music and the beat, with poses thrown in. Waacking is typically a Freestyle Dance that can incorporate other body and feet moves from different dance styles.

Waacking moves include:

  • Waack Back
    The Waack Back involves rotating the arm round the back of the shoulder, finishing with a Waack, as if you are hitting or whacking something!
  • Waack Forward
    The Waack Forward is a lower Waack that is characterized by the lower arm extending out in front of the body, finishing again with a Waack!
  • Double Waack
    The Double Waack is a move that uses both arms, whether forward or back, finishing with a Waack!

Make your move!

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