Freestyle is not a choreographed dance with specific steps. It’s the ultimate in terms of improvisation and personal interpretation of the music. You’ll see lots of freestyling in dance clubs up and down the country every weekend.

Why do we teach Freestyle?

Freestyle is an important part of the repertoire of every commercial dancer. The main reason for us encouraging freestyling is because we want all our students to develop careers and get jobs, and it’s normally a key part of auditions. It’s often the case, that if you make it through the first stages of an audition, you’ll be asked to Freestyle. Being clear about what your ‘Freestyle’ moves are before an audition is just smart thinking.

Freestyle moves

As Freestyle dancing isn’t constrained by a specific set of moves, it’s open to interpretation. This offers up opportunities to explore all sorts of Ballet, Dancehall, Hip Hop, or Locking moves, but it can also lead to freezing because of so much choice.

For mastering your own Freestyle routines, we recommend:

  • Planning
    A great Freestyle routine is effortless and non-choreographed. However, it’s wise to develop and plan for your Freestyle approach, well before an audition.
  • Practicing
    Practicing the rich variety of dance styles that we include in our commercial dance courses will help you to pick your favourite moves. Combining them into a coherent ‘Freestyle Dance’ then requires further practice.
  • Executing
    The next time you are at an audition and you are asked to Freestyle, you won’t be doing the ‘Rabbit Staring at Headlights’ freeze move. You’ll be executing a professional Freestyle Dance.

Make your move!

If you’d fancy a chat with Angela, our lovely Course Director, about the Freestyle elements you’ll be learning on our commercial dance courses before you apply, please get in touch on 0207 118 1818.