The triple-threat generalist approach

March 18, 2016

The triple-threat generalist approach
The triple-threat generalist approach is not something we focus on, or believe in doing. We love commercial dance, so we focus on providing specialist commercial dance courses and intensive dance training that helps nurture and prepare the next generation of commercial dancers.

Can’t act, can’t sing?
Many people can’t act, sing and dance, but they still train at dance colleges that insist on teaching acting, singing and dancing. If you don’t like singing and acting, and you have no intention of becoming a triple-threat generalist, you could be a perfect candidate for one of our commercial dance courses.

Specialists in commercial dance
We are the only specialist commercial dance college in the UK. We are 100% focused on nurturing, preparing and teaching the next generation of specialist commercial dancers. The people you see on the Brit Awards, X Factor or in music videos for Kylie Minogue – they are commercial dancers. And, many of them are our alumni. If you can’t sing and can’t act, that’s brilliant. Because we’re only looking for people that want to specialise in commercial dance!

Dance styles covered on our commercial dance courses
We love teaching a comprehensive range of dance styles.

The dance styles included in our commercial dance courses include:

> Ballet
> B-Boying
> Contemporary
> Dancehall
> Freestyle
> Hip Hop
> House
> Jazz
> Krumping
> Locking
> Popping
> Street
> Waacking

And, as you can imagine, being the only specialist commercial dance college in the UK, we have a team of world-class commercial dancers to teach you these dance styles.

Make your move!
If you’d like to have a chat with Angela, our Course Director, about the range of dance styles that we teach before you apply for one of our commercial dance courses, she’d love to hear from you on 0207 118 1818.

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